"PLE" Circular System

Environmental Governance Subsystem

    The environmental governance subsystem employs source separation technology, vacuum toilet systems, and biogas systems to completely eliminate kitchen waste, blackwater, greywater, and other organic pollutants from urban and rural residents. It efficiently converts them into organic fertilizers for agricultural and traditional Chinese medicine production, as well as natural gas for household use. This achieves a revolutionary transformation of urban and rural toilets, creating a sponge city, a park city, a waste-free city, zero pollution, zero emissions, and carbon neutrality.

    The environmental governance subsystem applies advanced technologies such as source separation technology and vacuum toilet system to collect domestic feces and organic waste from urban and rural residents at the source. Through technologies such as biogas fermentation and organic fertilizer manufacturing, the organic waste is processed on-site and made into organic fertilizer, which is used in organic agriculture planting and breeding to turn waste into treasure, reduce waste and pollution of organic waste, and even reduce garbage cleaning and transportation The high cost of garbage disposal.

    The environmental governance subsystem applies advanced technologies such as source separation technology and vacuum toilet system to separate and collect black water and reclaimed water from the source. Through the black water treatment system and the reclaimed water treatment system, the recycling and reuse of urban domestic sewage has been achieved, which not only meets the needs of three-dimensional agricultural water use, but also achieves the function of a sponge city, alleviates the global water crisis, significantly reduces the construction and operation costs of sewage treatment plants and sewage pipelines, reduces environmental pollution, and achieves carbon neutrality operation.

System Advantages

Full Recycling and Utilization of Sewage

To achieve full recycling and reuse of urban and rural domestic sewage (black water and reclaimed water), alleviate the global water crisis, and achieve low-carbon operation of sewage treatment.

Urban and Rural Organic Waste Recycling and Utilization

Efficiently recycle and utilize organic waste such as manure, green waste, and kitchen waste, improve the conversion and utilization rate of organic waste, and eliminate waste and pollution of organic waste in urban and rural areas.

Utilization of Green Energy

Utilize new energy sources such as biogas and solar energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, achieve zero pollution, and satisfy the energy consumption of urban and rural households.