"PLE" Circular System

Green Industrialization Subsystem

    Green Environment Industrialization and Value-adding Subsystem fully utilizes the new green concept of "industrial integration", and on the basis of achieving green ecology, perfectly integrates agricultural production, industrial production, culture and art. It derives new economic value from the traditional ecological scene with a single green function, and achieves the strategic goal of urban-rural integration of industry and city. Zero cost increase in urban and rural greening rate, save investment in landscaping, and achieve the transformation of ecological environment value.

    Green Environment Industrialization and Value-adding Subsystem is relatively independent and can industrialize traditional greenery, which can be applied in scenarios such as urban greenways, parks, residential greening, and commercial greening, with a wide range of application scenarios. While beautifying the ecological environment, it is also used as high-end ecological furniture to meet people's pursuit of high-quality life.

System Advantages

Improving the Urban Appearance

Promote garden culture and create a garden city. High quality green construction transforms the city into a huge natural park and greatly improves the city's appearance.

Enhancing the Value of Green Economy

Empowering green production capacity, coupled with industries such as fruits and vegetables and traditional Chinese medicine, significantly enhances the economic value of green economy.

Promoting the Development of the Tertiary Industry

Planting natural furniture and artworks to meet people's growing demand for high-quality living. Introducing low-carbon industries, and driving the development of tertiary industries such as culture, tourism, business, and services.